Trompler Foundation Archives
Flippantly Anticipated Questions

What is this "Trompler Foundation"?
The Trompler Foundation for Impractical Knowledge is a fictitious organization contrived by Eric and some of his high school friends to give longevity and a semblance of purpose to acts of arrested adolescence.  In actuality, it has less substance than the average off-shore tax-shelter.

Are any of you named Trompler?
The Foundation is named after Tabb Trompler, who was both a friend and an inspiration for weirdness in high school.  Before the end of college, however, contact with Tabb had rapidly diminished, and now we only hear faint echoes.

My name is Trompler and I’m trying to locate my relatives.  Can you put me in contact with Tabb and/or his family?
I have no way to contact Tabb or his family, and I have every reason to believe that any attempt at such contact would be politely but firmly resisted.

How did you become the Foundation’s "Archivist"?
A moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me.

What happened to all the Mirsky-esque links that used to be on the bottom of your pages?
The good ones were re-written for the new Site Map page and sifted in among the local links.  The others were dumped because they were either broken, no longer funny, or both.

What happened to the Dave Griffith Worship Page and The Diary of Jack Burgess and that biography of Rasputin?
I took them down to make room for Oscar photos.  Go figure.

This is Tabb Trompler.  Stop it.