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Hie thee to the cinema!

The films in the left column below are (or very recently were) in current release in the Seattle area, and, more germanely, Eric did not regret viewing them.  If Eric has any more detailed comments to express, they can be found on the Culture page.  Note that limited engagements will not be listed in this column, as they are unlikely to be efficacious as timely recommendations.

The films in the right column below are (or soon will be) in current release in the Seattle area, and, more sanguinely, Eric hopes to view them before their theatrical runs end.  Note that some of these titles may be found on Eric's Film Queue and have probably resided there for some time before appearing here, and likely remain on the Queue to allow for the contingency that Eric fails to rendezvous with their theatrical manifestations.  Similarly, unlike the left column, limited engagements will be listed this column to foment anticipatory fervor.

Last update:  Saturday 28 March 2009

Titles Recently Viewed and Recommended
Titles Imminently to be Viewed