Trompler Foundation Archives
     Vol. 1, No. 1


                 The Journal of the Trompler Foundation

     With the advent of BitNet and Stu's student number larceny, many
predicted that telecommunications had finally triumphed over Snail
Mail, and CONFRONTATION would go the way of the brontosaurus, the
dodo, the eohippus and the Vatican:  from archaism, to quaintness, to
Camp, to extinction.  As the infamous Journal of the Trompler Founda-
tion was rather Camp to begin with, its early demise was seen as a for-
gone conclusion.  This was not to be.
     Despite masterful proficiency with the various systems involved,
it soon became apparent that inter-Bandito communication was subject
to the whimsy of the scores of notorious sysops and technophiles that
maintain the precarious balance of links, nodes and junctions that con-
stitute the monolithic BitNet.  "Bad link ju-ju" became a commonplace
phenomenon, and the once-lucid realm of trans-continental electronic
communication sank into the Stygian blackness of primordial mysticism.
     Out of this penumbra comes your fearless scribe, like Diogenes,
holding aloft the Lantern of Treason, propelled by the need to update
y'all on the many doings in the Hundred-Acre Wood.  As we settle into
our post Spring-Break alienation and look longingly towards June (the
evil people in semester schools don't count), CONFRONTATION continues
in its mission to maintain contact between Foundation personnel, so
that, unlike Tigger, we won't run from our own reflections.

Mary's Peak Update
     It's still there.

Operation:  Age of Bavaria
     The Foundation Board of Directors has decided to send an opera-
tive to investigate various sites of strategic import within the mysti-
cal lands of Bavaria and Switzerland.  The unanimous choice was the
state-of-the-art Nexus 10 KruppBandito, codename "Brent".  Insertion
operation will commence on Midsummer's Eve.  Information will be 
relayed to Foundation personnel via pirated ESA comsat, using ETH Bit-
Net node as backup.  Foundation technicians have fabricated a German
vox program for this operation, employing data on Southern German and
Swiss dialects as graciously provided by Carrol Pohl.  Preliminary
reports on the progress of this operation will made available when pos-

Errata and Addenda
     As the Foundation Diaspora continues to writhe and spasm across
the continent, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach a given oper-
ative.  As the last Personnel Directory was compiled in September (!)
and in a less than relaxed environment, it has become necessary to
once again issue an Order of Battle, combining pertinent information
with a personal profile/character assassination.  As always, the Found-
ation takes no responsibility for either the accuracy of the following
information or the use to which said information is put.  Of course,
evil suggestions ARE available; contact your shameless scribe at your
leisure.  That being said, it's time to meet the meat...

KRUPP, BRENT -- Young Master Eddie is still at Rentsler, Rensalar, Ren-
tzylare, RPI, although in May he will be returning to Wintermute Labs
in Redmond for final outfitting before he leaves for the Continent.
He may be reached at Room 328 Ricketts E, Russell Sage College, Troy
NY, 12180; phone (518) 273-1344; account # USERFN90@RPISMTS.  PNW
address will be forthcoming.

HINSHAW, SHERI -- After two quarters at summer camp, er, TESC, Lysis-
trata seems to have found some redemption in higher education.  Some
people never learn.  Shere is also the first Foundation operative to
introduce indigenous population to Foundation circles on a scale above
individuals.  After close contact with Foundation personell, a Founda-
tion Advisory has been placed on the TESC campus, as said population,
known affectionately as "the Greener Gaggle", is lucid and dangerous.
Be advised that they have been known to migrate indefinitely, and as
Sheri knows the locations of all Foundation residences, an invasion of
moss-covered Banditios is possible.  Any ameliorations may be sent to
TESC, C304, Olympia WA 98505.  Sheri has managed to avoid such trap-
pings of patriarchal technocracy as telephones, but one MAY reach her
via the dorm phone (866-6000, ask for Ext. 6374, then ask for "the
militant feminist bitch from hell wannabe in 304.").  Granting a little
telecommunications treason, Sheri may yeat have a UWAV1 account.  The
number will be made available when possible.

MARSHALL, ANNE -- Despite a recent alteration in plumage, Anne can
still be found in the depths of "that women's college".  She too will
be returning to the PNW in May, lodging at Alpha Complex.  Her address
in Quakerland is Bryn Mawr College, C-170, Bryn Mawr PA, 19010; phone
(215) 645-5048; account # AMARSH@BRYNMAWR.

HAMMOND, MARGARET -- Peggy remains at TESC, although no she exhibits
no signs of moss (yet).  Remind her of her summer camp experiences
with a letter to TESC, F207, Olympia WA, 98505.  The phone number of
her yuppie-like dorm is 866-8672.

MURPHY, BRIAN -- Brian is still laboring at BHS, providing current int-
elligence on doings at the ol' Alma Mutter.  Foundation personnel are
encouraged to drop by Brian's place, any time of the day or night, and
introduce some entropy into the his life.  He can be found at 11065 SE
Lake Rd, Bellevue WS, 98004, and crank calls are directed to 453-5794.

FINKELSTEIN, AARON -- Aaron's migratory patterns are one of the lead-
ing validations of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  It is beyond
this scribe to keep current.  As another upheaval is imminent, read-
ers are cautioned that this information may be obsolete.  Next best
guess is somewhere in Annapolis, MD.  As of this scrawling, Aaron's
address us 4225 11th NE #106B, Seattle WA, 98105, and his phone number
is 548-0344.  Account # AARON@UWAV1.  Give it a try.  It's probably
worth the effort.

NELSON, JOHN CARL -- Spec-4 Nelson will be discharged in December of
1989, but until then he must defend our shores from Cuban mercenaries
and Pat Robertson.  John may be reached at HHC 3-7 INF, Ft. Stewart
GA, 31324.

ENGSTROM, RON -- Having long since passed out of Foundation contact,
Ron was last known to reside at 1283 38th ave, San Francisco CA,
94122, and his phone is (415) 753-1473.  Any expedition south of
Grants Pass is obliged to embarrass Herr Engstrom.

POHL, CARROL -- Having returned to the PNW, Carrol has set up shop in
MacMahon Hall at the U of Dub.  Lest she improve her GPA, Foundation
personnel are directed to hurl any spare frivolity Ms. Pohl's way.
Abductors should go to 1165 MacMahon Hall GO-10, University of Wash-
ington, Seattle WA, 98195.  Her phone is 548-9057, account #

ENGRAV, PETER -- Peter turned down Heidelburg University for the excit-
ing experience offered at the University of Washington.  Make him reg-
ret his decision by writing him at 875 MacMahon Holl GO-10, University
of Washington, Seattle WA 98195.  His phone number is 632-4807,
account # SIMON@UWAV1.

RAFN, MARK -- Mark is enduring his final term at Wawoozi.  He intends
to attend TESC in the Winter of 1989, but until then he's open.  Too
bad there aren't enough movies to rent.  Final assaults on Mark's GPA
should be sent to 426 Stimson Hall, Pullman WA, 99163.  If he's not
using his modem, one may awaken Mark at (509) 335-3414.  Account #

DOW, GORDON -- Still reeling from the prospects of an Ivy League 
future, Gordy must complete his tenure at BHS.  Banditos may find
Gordy (and, eventually, the Clyde Hill police) at 9620 NE 31st, Belle-
vue WA, 98004.  Wee-hour phone calls are directed to 454-2792.

SEELYE, STUART -- Stubisan has left the Little People behind and is
currently lodging in the Mercer Morgue.  Apparently, he intends to
take intensive Chinese during Summer Quarter and visit China in Septem-

ber.  Then he wants to go to Berkely.  I GOTTA find out what this
boy's been smokin'.  Chinese pooper-scoopers may be be sent to Mercer
0329-1, University of Washington, HM-10, Seattle WA 98105.  His phone
is 548-0615, account # STUART@UWAV1.

DAAR, AARON -- Daarbo still haunts the TR down at TESC, and every once
in a while he jumps out and frightens someone.  Sheri says to ignore
him.  Inquiries may be sent to 3138 Overhulse NW, Apt. 146, Olympia
WA, 98502.  His carrier may be found at 866-9581.

SORENSEN, LENA -- It would appear that Lena is going to graduate from
BCC this Spring.  Congratulations may be sent to 10246 NE 21st Place,
Bellevue WA, 98004, and her phone number is 454-9279, account #

COOPER, PETER -- Peter remains at TESC, defying the real world to
invade his consciousness.  He available for F&E, as well.  Peter's
domus is located at 3138 Overhulse NW Apt. 130, Olympia WA, 98502.
For a giggle give his answering machine a call at 866-8024.

THORN, BOB -- Since we last CONFRONT-ed, Bob made the momentous move
down the hall to a three-person studio.  It isn't any easier to keep
clean, apparently.  Suggestions on how to futher pervert Bob's sleep
and dietary rhythyms should be sent to 850 Lander Hall, 1101 NE Campus
Parkway, Seattle WA, 98105.  Bob's phone number is 547-8617, account #

CLAGG, STEVE -- Steve is still rattling around his flat, alternately
chasing his cat and indulging in raw creative expression.  In theory,
he also goes to school.  To found out how all this works, drop by 4101
Roosevelt, Apt. 3, Seattle WA 98105.  Steve's phone number is 547-6990,
account # STEPHAN@UWAV1.

TOZER, TIM -- The Evil Doctor Tozer is still babbling incoherently in
Woodridge while trying to discover the meaning of life, or at least
get some food.  Wake him up with a letter sent to 12736 SE 25th, Belle-
vue WA, 98005.  Tim's phone number is 747-1416, account # TIM@UWAV1.

BRUCE, KEVIN -- Kevin is still at Columbus A&D, although from the pict-
ure he sent us, we may now have reason to believe that there might be an
imposter out there.  Any Foundation personnel in Ohio should check up
on "Kevin."  He may be found at Columbus College of Art & Design, 95 N
9th st. Room 105, Columbus OH, 43512, and his phone is (64) 225-9430.

Head For The Hills
     Now that Spring is here, one can sense a certain anticipation
upon the wind.  No, it's not testosterone and it's not Cadbury's Creme
Eggs.  That's right, vacation plans are being laid, and woe be to the
Bandito stuck shelving books at the Bellevue Public Library.  Brent's
headed for the Alps, Stu's defecting to the PRC, and Steve and Brian
are invading England.  For those of you without access to Fullbright
scholarships, a little local skullduggery goes a long way towards
human satisfaction.  As of yet, the only Foundation expedtion in the
works is a return to Orcas Island's Moran State Park, although this
may be modified to take advantage of the Foundation's small flotilla
of recreational vessels.  There are other, short-term diversions for
the summer, such as harrassing Ranger Hinshaw as she strives to pro-
tect the integrity of King County's parks.  As this missive goes to
print, Banditos all over the PNW are preparing to engage in Full-Blown
Treason at Norwescon.  And, of course, the summer would not be com-
plete without the return of the Foundation to Dragonflight, with our
very own Tim Tozer as Role-Playing Events Coordinator.  The really
adventurous can try to find Bob someplace to stay (other than Cincin-
nati) this summer.  This is obviously yet another example of some-

Those Rascal Taoists
     An ancient Chines folktale tells of a man whose horse ray away.
"What misfortune," said his friends.  "May be," said the main.  A few
days later the horse returned with another, even stronger, horse.
"What a blessing," exclaimed the friends.  "May be," replied the man.
The next day his son tried to ride the wild horse but fell off and
broke his leg.  "What a disaster," cried the friends.  "May be," answ-
ered the man.  A week later all the young men except the son with the
broken leg were taken away to fight in a brutal war.  "How wonderfully
everything has turned out," marvelled the friends.  "May be," said the

Ad Majorem Mei Gloriam
     Your turgid scribe is still attending Seattle University, and I
will be there for Summer and Fall Quarters.  However, it would seem
that I am restless with this role in the educational aristocracy, and
a shift in Weltanschauung is likely.  What form this rendezvous with
destiny will take I am uncertain, but mid-life crises during college
tend to produce drastic results.  There ARE two constants:  I am
rather certain that I shall not imbibe alcohol nor shall I enlist in
the armed forces.  If either of these events occur, all Foundation
personnel are hereby requested in advance to interfere on my behalf.
Further details may be obtained from me at 2704 164th ave NE, Bellevue
WA, 98008.  My sister's phone number is 883-4225, and my BitNet add-
ress is SCHARF@UWAV1.  Proceed at your own risk.

Consummatum est.

          If the Good Lord had intended us to floss our teeth,
                He would have given us less self-respect.

                                                -- Dave Barry