Trompler Foundation Archives
     Vol. 1, No. 1


                 The Journal of the Trompler Foundation

Chapel Perilous
     Welcome to the first (and, if there is a merciful God, the last)
issue of CONFRONTATION, the Trompler Foundations's avante-garde
electronic entropy happening.  This is a kind-hearted attempt to
provide Our agents abroad with all the latest poop on What Is
Happening in the Land of Reversible Cups and Sanitary Pedastals, as
well as provide a good chuckle for those who had the good sense to
stay put.  What is that?  You say that there are other places worthy
of attention than the Pacific Northwest?  We'll have to take this up
withe She Who Walks With Entropy.
     Anyhoo, this newsletter is completely the result of divine inspir-
ation (Whlllwhllwhlll!!!), and as such will not be produced on any
regular schedule.  At all.  The staff of CONFRONTATION (The Evil
Doctor and I) feel that this is in keeping with the spirit of Discord
(Read: we are lazy bastards).  So there's no telling when (or if) the
next issue will find you.  Until then, remember the words of Kiki
Revok:  "Operate on my brain, please!"

Veni Vidi Vici
     It was said that of those who went it was A Good Time.  Of course
this was Games Northwest '87, the annual gathering of those who would
be Insaniacs.  To be more precise, Games Northwest was bitchin'.
Geoff Leatham (C.O.C. Grand Master) was of course doing his bit in the
role-playing dept., as was The Cloud City Innovative Gamers (Colleen
and Larry Goodhind, Tom Graham, and Dale Curtis) were in full force
for the aforementioned Good Time.  First time block looked for two
Foundation personnel in Civilization while the rest of us checked in.
Second time block found Taking Care by Mr. Leatham (C.O.C.) in which
most of us participated, except for those who were being Civilized in
the first time block, because they continued to be so.  Saturn's Day
and the third time block was Illuminated for one while the rest
recovered as best they could.  I did was not able to be either way
because I was securing.  Fourth time block and lunch saw mostly
informal gaming and the Illuminized one Diplomacized.  Fifthly, The
Dallas Conspiracy (Toon) and New Hampshire Interlude (C.O.C.) divided
our forces for some serious real to life good wholesome role-playing.
Unfortunately, the mood went to our heads and number six with Return
on the Mauritainia (C.O.C. yet again) was a light-hearted attempt at
role-playing.  Somehow we managed to win.  Sunday was the close of the 
Con and informal gaming ruled the day and we went home and slept.  We
hadn't done this before then.  The only thing we had to show for this
weekend was a new copy of UBI.  Next year:  BFD.

Hunted (14-)
     Some of you have taken it upon yourselves to leave the realm of
mortal men and are therefore difficult to contact.  We at CONFRONT-
ATION have decided to provide as many addresses and phone numbers as
possible, so as to better facilitate inter-bandito communication.  Who
knows?  We might start a revolution (I like to think of these things
at night).

Bob Thorn, a.k.a. Kiki Revok, a.k.a. Lazlo Holyfeld, a.k.a. Boober
Fraggle:  Bob will be moving into the UW dorms on Sept. 24.  His address
there will be 865 Lander Hall, 1101 NE Campus Parkway, Seattle WA,
98105.  His phone has yet to be connected.

Stuart Seelye, a.k.a. Stuuuuuu:  Stu moved into a house in
Wallingford, where he will stay indefinitely.  The phone number is 633-
5747, and the address is 3917 Bagley avve N., Seattle WA, 98103.

Steve Clagg, a.k.a. Slagg, a.k.a. Sliver Clogg:  Steve also moved
into a Lovecraftian house in the U-District.  he can be reached (if
you REALLY want to) at 547-6990, and the address is 4101 Roosevelt,
Apt. 3, Seattle WA 98105.

Sheri Hinshaw, a.k.a. Lysistrata:  Sheri will be moving into the TESC
dorms in the vicinity of Sept. 18.  While she will not have a phone
for a while, you may harass her by post at the following address:  The
Evergreen State College, Building C, Room 304 B, Olympia WA 98505

Mark "I bet you think I'm standing up." Rafn, a.k.a. Tigger:  Mark has
been sentenced to another year at WSU.  His phone number is (509) 335-
3414, and the address is 426 Stimson Hall, Pullman WA, 99163.

Aaron Finkelstein, a.k.a. John Ankatyl Brewer Swain:  Aaron is
representing the Foundation on the East Coast by infiltrating the ivy-
crusted den of intelligentsia known as St. John's.  All Foundation
members are directed to make Aaron's stay in Maryland a harrowing one.
His phone number is (301) 263-2371, and his address is St. John's
College, PO Box 1671, Annapolis MD, 21404.

Peggy "I'm not a duck!" Hammond:  Peggy is up for another term at
TESC, and no, she's not frequenting the nude beaches.  She can be
hunted down and frightened at this address:  The Evergreen State
College, Building F, Room 206, Olympia WA 98505.  Her phone has yet
yet to be connected.

PFC John Carl Nelson, a.k.a. Cold Steel, a.k.a. Dr. Columbia:  Ol'
John is spending his last months in Fulda, BRD, protecting our
precious bodily fluids from the Angry Pink Menace.  You can reach our
stalwart guardian at C Troop 1/11 ACR, APO New York, 09146-0775.

Peter Cooper, a.k.a. Immeressen:  Petey is also hangin' out at TESC,
desperately avoiding liberal brainwashing.  Let him know you're
pulling for him by dropping him a line at 3138 Overhulse NW, Apt. 130,
Olympia WA 98502.  His phone number is 866-8024.

Ron Engstrom, a.k.a. Stranger:  the first Foundation voyager, Ron
escaped the suffocating grasp of his parent's tyranny (I'm gonna be a
big-time writer just like Ron) last summer.  You can remind him of his
ugly past by writing him at 1283 38th ave, San Francisco CA, 94122, or
you can phreak to him at (415) 753-1473).

Kevin Bruce, a.k.a. Porthole:  Remeber him?  He's off to the Midwest
to make his fortune int he fast-paced world of modern art, and can be
reached at Columbus College of Art & Design, 95 N 9th st, Room 105,
Columbus OH, 43512, and his phone is (614) 225-9430.

Brent Krupp, a.k.a. Young Master Eddie:  our little Happy Camper is
now residing with some prestigious fraternity in upstate New York.
Give him an anxiety attack with a cryptic letter addressed thusly:
Room 328 Ricketrs E, Russell Sage College, Troy NE, 12180.  His phone
number is (518) 273-1344.

Anne Marshall, a.k.a. Phlodnar, a.k.a. Bubbles:  the sole survivor of
Our expedition to Philadelphia, Ms. Marshall is still attending Bryn
Mawr College.  Prevent her becoming a nun and write to Bryn Mawr
College, C-170, Bryn Mawr PA, 19010.  Her phone number is (215) 645-

Caroll Pohl, a.k.a. Perky the Demon Princess:  Fraulein Pohl has
returned to the PNW to pursue a more affordable academic career.  She
is moving into the UW dorms, and can be reached at 1165 McMahon Hall
GO-10, Univerity of Washington, Seattle WA, 98195, and her phone has
yet to be connected.

Lena Sorensen, a.k.a. Innsbruck:  Lena is up for her third year at the
University of Southern Crossroads.  She can be reached at 10246 NE
21st Place, Bellevue WA, 98004, and her phone number is 454-9279.

Gordon Xerxes Dow, a.k.a. Lepton:  Gordy is still languishing in the
finest example of our public education system, BHS.  Send letters of
condolence to 9620 NE 31st, Bellevue WA, 98004, and his phone number
is 454-2792.

Brian Murphy, a.k.a. Bubba, a.k.a. Murphenegger:  Brian is also attend-
ing BHS, and he welcomes any and all correspondence fron Foundation
personnel.  His address is 11065 SE Lake Rd, Bellevue WA, 98004, and
his phone number is 453-5794.

Aaron Daar, a.k.a. Daarbo:  our little telecommunications pirate has
found a den of inebriation in Olympia.  Write him if you dare at 3138
Overhulse NW, Apt. 146, Olympia WA, 98502, and his phone number is 866-

On the Event Horizon
     Spontaneous bandito vacations have been very popular this summer,
and academic pressure this Fall is sure to provoke further excursions.
This is also a warning to you within reach (and NEVER underestimate
gamer determination); prepare to be invaded.  Samhain falls on a
Saturday this year, and an expedtion is tentatively planned.
     As for gaming projects, work continues on the Bavarian Fire 
Drill.  The developers were inspired by this year's Games Northwest,
and playtesters are warned to prepare for a quantum experience.
Danger International remains the favorite system in which to dabble,
as the sequel to The HOWDEE Papers enters the advanced planning stage.
And the Troll Runequest campaign is threatening to come to a close.

The Secret Chiefs

Eric Scharf - Editor
2704 164th ave NE
Bellevue, WA  98008

Tim L. Tozer - Staff Bandito
12736 SE 25th st
Bellevue, WA  98005

Robert Thorn - Staff Noodge

Oh Yeah.  P.S.
     The Staff would like to thank the many informants that con-
tributed to the HUNTED (14-) article.  Donations to cover long-
distance fees would be appreciated.  Written contributions for hypo-
thetical future issues are welcome.

         "You are not thinking.  You are merely being logical."

                         -- Neils Bohr to Einstein during their
                            great debate on Quantum Mechanics