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Battlestar Galactica: Stronger Than Passing Time

Last updated:  Sun 19 Mar 2006, 09h38 PST

Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, MIAIn his first reactions to the final episode of Season 2, Eric listed a number of things that either must have or very likely would (or, IMO, should) have happened during the elided year between Baltar’s election and the arrival of the Cylons at New Caprica and that he regretted not seeing.  As the writers have a demonstrated propensity for flashbacks, this list could be considered a solipsistic invitation to the writers to bog down the beginning of Season 3 by indulging any or all of these precious moments.

As the months to the Season 3 premiere plod along, more such notions will undoubtedly occur, and they will be recorded here.  The most recent additions will be highlighted.

Things obscured by "One Year Later" which I really want(ed) to see:

  1. Tyrol and Callie separately examining their jealously, guilt, and anger, and then re-discovering each other.

  2. Lee Adama making Pegasus his ship.

  3. Baltar crying out for Virtual-Six to talk to him, and getting no response.

  4. Tory, Tigh, and the designated fall-guys(/girls) taking their lumps for trying to steal the election.

  5. Where’s (my) Sharon?

  6. Tigh’s "special appearance" at Starbuck’s bachelorette party.

  7. Roslin finally getting around to personally thanking Helo for giving Baltar his seat on the Raptor during the original evacuation from Caprica.

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