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Email from strangers
Voice mail from relatives
   who otherwise wouldn’t have called at all.

My bed unmade
My dishes uncleared
   clothes left where I dropped them the night before.

A check from Grandpa
A card from Sister
   lunch with co-workers who just want out of the office.

Show up late
Leave early
   from my work you’d never know I came in.

Surprise flowers
Chocolate truffles
   a kiss from someone who is not my wife.

Music from ten years ago
Played far too loud
   beloved old shirt my wife is embarrassed to be seen with.

A fancy dinner for two
An extra glass of wine
   they give me a free dessert and I order another.

I say "Thank you"
But donít mean it
   because I know I deserve it all.

Eric Scharf

Copyright © 1996 by Eric Scharf.  All rights reserved.