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      * * * * * *    B O D Y   B U L L E T I N   * * * * * *

    No video this month, so all you vidroids can hibernate in your TVs
until the annual Festival of the Festered, presented in Sensurround
Omnimax Odorama (well, maybe just a super-8 film projected into the
viewer's eyes at point-blank range).  Anyway, in keeping with this
newsletter's tradition of upholding Mom, Apple Pie, and the American
Way, here are the latest facts and a few new additions to the standard
phormat.  (Note: incorrect facts are not my responsibility)

                              THE TRIAD

Ist...          Steve Clagg             Pts: XII
IInd...         Eric Scharf             Pts: IX
IIIrd...        Tim Tozer               Pts: VIII

                              THE UNDEAD

Mark Rafn... IV   Lena Sorenson... II(*)   Garret Kang... VI
 Pete Kafka... V (narrowly escaped being re-euthanized)
  Bob Thorn... VII   Doug Ferry... IV   Alan Thompson... I
   Chris Cecil... II   Eric Bisset... VI   Stuart Seelye... III
    John Barnett... II   Franc Vincenzi... II   Conrad Seelye... III
     Roger Rozeniak... III

                     THE HUMAN INTEREST STORIES

Joe Bekey...   found a room with an infinite number of monkeys, an
               and infinite number of typewriters, an infinite number of
               witnesses, and several of Shakespeare's plays.
Jon Rottermund... went to that great lard and herpes factory in the
               sky (but one can always treasure a vision of his swift
               yet elegant arm movements from Hostess Puss Cake to
               mouth at thirty beats per minute).
Mike Nelson... overdosed on vitamin C and accidentally absorbed self
               (don't worry, Mike, no one else will understand it).
Bruce Yule and John Lloye... are the grand prize winners in this
               week's surprise lottery.  Each of them wins the
               priviledge of donating his body to the special
               effects unit of Festival of the Festered.
Kevin Bruce, Ron Engstrom, John Nelson... shot (**)
Any other extraneous humans... report to the mass grave (see **)

* Unconfirmed.  Any person falling victim to uncertain facts must
report to LIMBO until the issue is resolved.
** All assassins resorting to such primitive and unoriginal means of
anihilation as mere guns will henceforth be herded into a mass grave
to be dug in the upper field before the next game.

I'm out of room and it's quarter to midnight, so NEXT GAME be
prepared for an onslaught of leftovers                     -- Sardaeum